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PUBG: The Best Worst Game I’ve Played

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Ahhh PUBG.

Also known as Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds.

The crazy, awesome, infuriating title that redefined the meaning of a battle royale game. After finally releasing from early access, the game boasts a player base of 30 million. That’s a lot of people.

In 2017 alone, which it spent most of in early access, mind you, PUBG reportedly made more than $700 million. That’s a lot of cash.

A lot of cash…for a still broken game?

You see, PUBG has a lot of enjoyable moments, but has even more “What the f***” moments. The lag, hit recognition, loot distribution, and don’t even get me started on the hackers. With all that money made…it begs the question, how can the game still be this bad?

More importantly…why do I still play it? I play it knowing that rage is just around the corner.


Well, it’s fun. It may be rage inducing most of the time, but then you hit that one sweet head shot at distance and you get hooked.

There are even sweet, movie-like shootouts that would even make Michael Bay proud.

But for every awesome moment, there are more than one rage inducing moments. For instance, shooting a shotgun and having the bullet just disappear, causing you to get shot in the face.

Or having none of your bullets register, but somehow get one-shotted by an AKM at distance with 3/4 health even though you were behind cover and had armor on.

Even with all the rage, it’s still fun. Sometimes. I’ve almost smashed my keyboard a few times after hitting a guy 4 times with a Mini14 only to be one-shotted by a Kar98 even though I had full health and armor on.

Of course, at least I didn’t get into the worst shootout in history and almost lose to a man punching me in the face when I had a fully loaded shotgun…

I try to have the mentality that it’s just an arcade game with good graphics, because that’s how it plays. Honestly, it’s quite a joke that this game is going to be in eSports…

But, at the end of the day, I’ve put in over a 100 hours in a game I bought for $30, which I’d say is a fair trade. Especially since most of my steam library is full of games with less than 20 minutes play time.

Now that this love / hate PUBG article is at an end, feast your eyes upon my struggles of video editing at 3 in the morning because I was bored.

Also…ALWAYS drop Pochinki.