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The Dreaded Show Hole

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We’ve all been there, right? You just finished a wonderful show that touched your soul, then that oh so familiar feeling starts creeping up on you…what are you going to do now?

A visual representation of what the show hole feels like.

It sucks. Sometimes you just get so emotionally invested into the characters that, once it’s over, you just feel empty inside. Honestly, this happens with games too. If you’ve ever played through a truly wonderful game, you know.

So what do you do?

If you’re like me, you start looking for anime that are like the one you just finished. Or, maybe, you want to try something different, so you try out a new genre or style. So you click around…and click around…and click around some more.

Everything just seems like so much work. You spent all that time getting attached to certain characters, and now you have to learn new ones? For me, the hardest part is the freakin’ names. Some of the shows takes me a good episode or five to get all the names down.

New characters. New plot. New twists. It’s exciting…but a lot of work.

Every time I finish a good show…I always have the feeling of ‘well maybe I missed something, I should probably watch it through again.’ Sometimes that’s true, you really don’t grasp everything on the first go through. Then…other times I get halfway through and just stop, cause I already know what’s going to happen.

The next step I, unfortunately, take is re-watching a different show; one where I know the characters and can watch it relaxed.

But then I run into the same problem…I know what happens.

So…what’s next?

Find a new show.


Fine. Let’s do this.

The homepage of

I just happen to have a website whose very existence is for this problem:

I created this site in order to help myself, and others, find new shows to watch. The way it works is by building out a list of anime based off the criteria you give it, meaning “all” or specific genres. Then, you cycle through the list, watching trailers and what not, until you find a show worth a shot.

Of course…I’ve watched way too many episode 1’s in my time, and never followed up.

It’s a process.

You have to find one that hits you just right.

It’s a long journey…but eventually, you will find your golden show. The show that you will probably binge in two days and have to start the process all over again when you realize there is no season 2.

Good luck out there, my friends.