A screenshot of the writing prompt generator homepage inside a desktop screen


WritingPromptGenerator is a project that started out from my love of writing. A great deal of influence came from the subreddit "writing prompts" on Reddit. The idea is that anyone can come to the site and either submit prompts that they think will be good writing material, or respond to prompts themselves. For people that enjoy creating stories, or maybe coming up with plots for stories, it's a place where they can post their ideas. The site is designed with a minimalist approach to keep the focus on the writing, rather than the design. WritingPromptGenerator.org is currently in development.


User Generated Content

This site is going to be my first site that has user generated content on it. With that, comes a host of potential problems. I am going to have to make sure that there is proper spam filtering, as well as moderation. I will need to come up with some sort of system that checks content for quality, perhaps notifying the user whenever there is a problem with their submission. The entire approval process is going to have to be strict, but also manageable with growth.

Content Moderation

Any time a site accepts user generated content, there is a bit of risk involved. How do I make sure that the content being provided is helpful, and not low quality or, even worse, spam? There is going to have to be some sort of moderation system that will likely involve some human eyes on it. In the beginning it won't be so bad, but as the site gains traffic, I'm going to need to come up with a method that is expandable.


I have never dove into the world of email, so it is going to be a learning experience for me. The most I've done is emailing myself reports, so I don't have to worry about presentation or potentially being marked as spam. I'm going to, most likely, have to integrate with some emailing service to make sure that my emails are being received as trusted, instead of spam. Before that process, however, I'm going to need to perfect the system of notification emails.